Double up your scarf!

Spring is right around the corner, maxi dresses and shorts here we come! But I am just not ready to give up my scarves. I love the look of layered fabrics and mixing textures and prints. I thought of this simple solution to keep the scarves but loose the bulk!

I had this gorgeous green bird printed fabric left over from a project I finished and I am pairing it with this dusty rose colored textured fabric. Start with fabrics that are the same width, this will make it easier for you to put together.

Decide how long you want each panel to be. Since the bird fabric was already cut, it made the measurements easier for me; I just cut the textured pink fabric to the same size.

*Note I would never usually work on a carpet but my currently studio is carpeted so I had to make due!

Pin the two longest sides together and sew a 1/2” seam all the way down.

You want to go over this section again this time folding the excess in half then fold over and sew it down.

Use this same technique go over the edges around the scarf to give you a nice finish.

And that’s it! You have yourself a double layered scarf perfect for the summer heat!


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