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Lace Back T-shirt

This has to be my favorite DIY out of the whole week! I know I should have saved the best for last but I just couldn’t wait to put it up. It is a very simple tutorial but the results are amazing. Lace is a big trend for spring and I think it is the cutest. Let’s get right to it:

1. Lay out T-shirt so the front and back are separated

2. Cut away a panel on the back side

3. Lay out the lace

4. Using the t-shirt piece you just cut out as a template for the lace cut 1” from sides of the t-shirt

5. Turn the t-shirt inside out and pin the lace.

6. Sew down the lace, for a sturdier seam, sew around twice.

7. Enjoy!

For more lace love check out my DIY Lace Jeans!


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