Fake Lashes, Kitty Glasses a Mustache Ring and an Amazing Friend!

Welcome to the world of Fake Lashes!

Sorry for the orangy photos! I’ll have to work on finding better lighting, and don’t you just love my shower cutain!

I’ve never tried fake lashes before and I was curious how it would look on me. I love my natural lashes, I was blessed with beautiful long and thick lashes, thank you Cambodian roots!  I got a chance to try false lashes when I recieved a pair of all-belle lashes in my April MyGlam bag! Myglam is a monthly subscription service that brings a mix of 4-5 full sized/sample sized beauty related products right to your door. It’s a great way of trying out new products without spending to much. Find out more about them here . Putting them on was a bit tricky but once they were on they felt pretty natural. There was an instant different as to how much my eyes poped, which was a really cool effect. They do weight down your eye lids, so after a while I had to take them off, but the experiance was pretty cool and I’m excited for date night so I can rock them!

“I mustache you a question…”


Rebekka Lien

I’ve been following my friend Rebekka for a while, she is an awesome person with a passion to make a different and speak out about human trafficing. We met at FIDM and keep in touch via facebook since graduation. I found out that her current mission is to raise $5,000 to travel to  Ecuador to visit the child she has been sponsoring for the past four years! She is currently about $2600 away from meeting her goal! All proceeds from her online store and artwork will go towards her goal. I jumped at the opprotunity to help her out and pick up some awesome swag while I was at it! I picked up these super fun Kitty Glasses and the necklace that I was wearing in the last post. She was so awesome to also throw in the Mustache ring! I didn’t expect it and it was such a nice surprise. I also picked up this awesome print of a painting she made. Her desicription to it is :

“Leap Year- The bunny is transformed as it takes a step of faith, a leap into the unknown. Her landing is transitional, becoming. In another space and time, she is simply sitting, being herself. She is contemplative, peaceful. The tree next to her represents the complexities of life, growth, thought and relationships. Yet, amidst it all, she is still.”

I just love it because it’s colorful and has bunnies all over it!


Please take the time to check out her blog and learn more about her and her mission to change the world

Pick up your own super awesome swag at her online shop

Pick up your own awesome print here

Loves & Peace

Bopha Sar


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