Fabric everywhere!

Fabric is a key part in any designers work room. Another key part… Remembering what you have! I’m constantly digging through my piles of fabric and trying to see if I already have what I need or if I have to go out and buy it. One day it dawned on me that I needed to find a better system… I spend to much time back tracking then I was working, so I did what any designer does these days… I turned to Pinterest! Simply typed in “fabric organization” and voila!

My inspiration photos:



Cute right! This way I have an easy to locate ring of all the fabric styles and selections I currently have on hand. This also works great to help monitor how much I have left in stock, not to mention remember what each fabric is made of and the names of them. I’ve been in fashion all my life, but I still have trouble identifying what each type is. With this swatch ring, its like a study guide as well!

So where to start!


I took all my fabrics and cut out roughly a 2 x 2 1/2″ swatch. I used double sided tape to attach each swatch to a card stock tag. I had some extra colored tags that I used to divide the different fabric types. That’s pretty much it! I have not decided how I wanted to label each tag yet, so at the moment they all have sticky notes with fabric name and yardage on the back. I was thinking I want to put together a stamp so I can just stamp each tag and write in the information. Still working on that though, but here is how my swatch ring came out!


Simple, Cute, Organized!

Thanks & Love!


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