Stay motivated!

The greatest thing about working for yourself and trying to start something new, is that you can work at your own pace and ease. Unfortunately that also means you are your own boss and responsible for how much you actually get done in a day. Working from home is even harder! It’s so easy to sleep in just a little bit longer, or watch tv when you’re having lunch and get caught up in your shows. Some people are so motivated to create, they don’t have any problems staying on task and getting things done. Me… A whole different story. I have good days, lazy days, and really lazy days. I’ve been trying to stay motivated each day by setting out a list of projects with personal deadlines and time frames but that doesn’t always work for me. Instead, I’ve been putting up motivational quotes and pictures around my studio. I have turned my design/sewing space into a place that I want to be in all day. The biggest change I’ve done is to keep that space clean! That way every morning, when I go down there, I don’t see a crazy cluttered mess, how discouraging is seeing a mess and knowing you have to clean it before you can create!

I’ll be posting a few small organizational posts on what I’ve done to keep things clutter free in my little design room, as well as a few of my favorite inspirations that keep me going each day!

Thanks for reading!
Love Bope!



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