About Me!

BOPHA: fashion designer… well trying to be! Like they say about all great things, it just takes time!

Fashion and sewing has always been a passion of mine. At the sweet young age of 5 I was already helping my mom sew socks and playing in piles of fabric. I enjoyed creating teddy bears and even had my own entrepreneurship in grade school selling teddy bear platypus for 50 cents during recess. As I got older, I developed my skills further and started creating dresses I would wear to school dances. When I got into High school I joined the Drama department and got involved with making the costumes for the shows. As my senior year arrived, I got accepted into FIDM and was awarded the Mercedes Benz “Drive Your Future Award”. Since graduation from FIDM, I was recruited to work at a high end boutique. My experience there helped me get a better picture of how such a successful company works at the retail level. I recently left the company to pursue the ultimate dream of starting my own line of clothing. And this is where I am today!

Dream BIG dreams because little dreams have no magic


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